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it works like a regular kitchen timer
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Even your Grandma will know how to use it...

This online countdown timer is meant to be as easy to use as a regular kitchen timer. It is equally simple: all that you have to do to set it is to rotate the dial and point the red arrow at the desired number.

It can take just one click - just grab the green dot that will appear to help you out and move it around. You will notice that the counter is updated every time you move the dial to make things even more clear.

Let the countdown begin.

There are two ways to start the countdown. Choose the one that is most suitable for you:

  • Autostart mode - in this case the timer will start working immediately after you set the time. It mimics the behavior of a real kitchen timer.
  • Manual mode - to get the timer started you will have to press the green start button.

Also, just like in a real timer you can change your mind any time and adjust it while it is running.

What to use it for?

The possibilities of using the timer are endless:

  • baking a cake
  • working out
  • power naps
  • the Pomodoro Technique
  • and many more...
This timer can be a simple yet powerful productivity tool. There is no need to worry about missing the alarm. Even if you are late you will still know what you are standing on as the timer will start counting up to tell you how late you are.

Two versions available.

This web timer is available as a rotary timer and as an egg timer. Just like their physical counterparts these timers are capable of counting down from 60 minutes to 0. They share these features, limitations and simplicity with the traditional physical timers. They also benefit from the interesting design that this inspiration leads to.

Why is it similar to a kitchen timer?

A physical kitchen timer is a device that we all know well. Everyone knows how to operate it because it is very intuitive and really clever. In fact it would be hard to come up with a better and more user friendly mechanism and interface. Unlike most digital timers the classic kitchen timers have no buttons to push, no switches and no displays. Setting it up is as simple as rotating the handle and in case of the web version it is just a matter of dragging the handle around the screen. It cannot got any simpler.

Chrome app.

If you are using Chrome you can also install the Timerrr Chrome App. It is available in the Chrome Web Store for free. If you are using a different browser make sure to bookmark this web app and share it with your friends.