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Free online egg timer

We are all familiar with a traditional kitchen egg timer. It is a very simple yet very effective device. The way it works just couldn't be more simple. All you have to do to set it is to turn the upper part of it. Once released, the upper part will start rotating slowly and indicating the time that elapsed. You can track the time by watching the digits printed on the timer. The one marked by the triangle underneath indicates the number of minutes left.

The very same mechanism is used by timers shaped as different things. That brings up hamburger, apple or chicken kitchen timers. All of them are split into two halves that can be rotated around one axis.

Using this online egg timer is no different. The egg that you can see above works the same way as regular kitchen timers. The upper part (the one with the digits) can be dragged left and right to set the timer. The timer can count down from 59 minutes. To start the countdown you have to press the green button. Once the counter expires, you'll be alerted with a beeping sound and a small pop up. You can also adjust the countdown once it is running if you enable "autostart" mode.