Interactive timer - advantages

interactive timer

Even though Timerrr is built around the idea of an accurate representation of a traditional kitchen timer that we all know it is also enhanced with features that a physical device cannot offer. Unlike a real device this interactive timer and be re-adjusted while it is running both backwards and forwards. In your average kitchen timer it is not possible - you cannot shorten the countdown after it was initiated. There is usually also no way to cancel the countdown which may be problematic if you set the timer incorrectly. If anything like that happens you will have to wait for the alarm to go off to be able to make any changes.

Timerrr makes things even easier - thanks to reset & start buttons you have more control over the timer. You can set the timer at any point and comfortably prepare for the launch. The countdown will start only when you are ready to press the start button. You can also reset the countdown at any time which is not alway possible in case of a physical timer.

Another advantage of this interactive timer over your average kitchen one is the extra piece of data that it offers. Imagine that you somehow miss the alarm. When you discover that it would be good to know how much time has elapsed since the end of the countdown, that is how late you are. Fortunately, Timerrr is able to provide this information and let you know what you are standing on.

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