Reasons to use a timer in your daily life.

If you are serious about getting things done you should really consider using a timer. Many people report a huge boost of productivity after picking up a good old fashioned countdown timer.

Everyone is familiar with this tool. It can be found in practically every kitchen. I am sure that you have seen it in action many timer. Now it is available in your browser so you don't even have to get up to get one from the kitchen.

Using it is very beneficial from the productivity point of view. It is hard to manage your time when you set no real boundaries and a good old timer is capable of doing just that. Only when you have a boundary on your time can you stick to the task you should be working on.

When it comes to timer you should look for simple ones. You don't really need any extra features - all it has to be able to do is to count down. It just has to inform you when the time is up.

Make your life easier by setting strict time frames on some endless activities. Instead of spending hours reading mails and responding to them I usually set my timer to 30 minutes and I deal with the most important ones first. If I still have some time I can take a look at the rest but I never cross the boundary set by the timer. The best thing is that you may be surprised by how much you can do when you focus on one thing and make some effort to finish it as quickly as possible.

A timer can be also very helpful with reminding you not to work. Instead of sitting in front of your computer screen all day it is better to have a couple short breaks and get some move. Stand up an stretch and you will be much more productive afterwards. Use a timer to remind you about those breaks a couple of times a day.

Simple solutions are always the best. That is why you should choose a simple countdown timer to up your productivity.