How time boxing works.

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Let's start with the basics. The idea behind time boxing is so simple that it is considered by many to be the most effective time management technique ever developed. To put it simply, time boxing involves fixed time periods during which you will be working on a specific task. It is opposed to the idea of working on a task until it is done - in case of time boxing you only work for a specific amount of time. It sounds really simple but it is a very powerful technique.

Originally time boxing was invented by software developers. In this industry it is a common practice to release new products or their upgrades by a certain date. The developers are used to working with deadlines. When the time is up they have to deliver the product - slipping the schedule is not an option.

Time boxing is also a very useful technique for managing your own tasks. It is a great way of tackling some annoying small tasks that you keep postponing. They seem small so you have no problem scheduling for tomorrow but when they pile up they become a real problem. The best way to get rid of it is to tackle then all at once during one sitting.

Obviously, it is also a good way of making steady progress on bigger tasks. It makes a big project less intimidating as you only deal with a fraction of it during each sessions.

If you are a perfectionist then time boxing is a strategy for you. When you are never satisfied with the quality of your work you tend to work indefinitely. Setting a fixed deadline will definitely help you deliver.

Time boxing is great because of its simplicity. There is no fancy equipment that you may need except for a timer but this is a gizmo that you can use online for free. The whole procedure is composed of a couple of simple steps.

These are of course just some basic guidelines and the steps should be adjusted for your own needs. Depanding on your attitude you will need shorter or longer working periods. Find out what works for you best and put it into action.

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