Writing articles with a timer

When you write articles and essays for a living or when you have to hand in a essay at school you are probably interested in finishing the paper as quickly as possible. That is the theory but in real life you usually find yourself browsing the web, checking mail and doing lots of other stuff. Instead of focusing on getting the article done as fast as possible you keep getting distracted. If this sounds familiar it looks like you could use a countdown timer to speed things up a bit.

What is so special about using a timer for writing your essay? It will create a deadline and pressure required to keep you focused on results rather than minor corrections and details that don't matter. Using a timer will also create clear boundaries between work and leisure time. It will be clear that when the time is counting down you should be doing things that matter instead of wasting time. You need this distinction for better time management. We all know what happens when the deadline is not there. It is much harder to find that motivation to start working.

The tool that you will be using does not have to be very sophisticated. You do not need any other features than a simple countdown timer can provide. You could even use a kitchen timer but you can also go digital and use a web based timer. All you need to use it is an internet connection. It is ideal for supporting tasks that you need to do on a computer.

The benefits of this approach are numerous. First of all you should be able to achieve more in a shorter period of time as you will be more focused on your work and at the same time less prone to distractions.